TradeLocker Overview

Modified on: July 12, 2023

TradeLocker User Interface Guide:

Below is a comprehensive overview of the TradeLocker user interface, which includes the following sections:


This section displays all the trading pairs available on TradeLocker. You can use the search bar at the top to easily find your preferred pairs and trade efficiently.


Here, you can access your trading portfolio and view your open positions, pending positions, trades, trading history, as well as copy, edit, and close trades.

 Profile Settings:

By tapping on the currency icon at the top right corner of your screen, you can view your balance, profit/loss, equity, margin used, margin available, margin level, and switch between accounts. You can also toggle one-click trading.

 Chart Editing & Customization Tools:

Located above the chart are the following tools, from left to right: Refresh rate changer, Style switcher (which changes the chart style to candles, bars, or lines), Indicators Scripts, and Templates (where you can save and access your own templates).

The chart editing tools are found on the left of the charts, and are there to help you monitor the chart data as you desire. Some tools may not be visible, so you may need to scroll down on the sidebar to find specific tools.


Execute Order Section:

By tapping on the arrow, you can expand this section and access features such as setting a stop loss/take profit, placing an order at market/pending, and using the buy/sell buttons.

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