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We are giving traders exclusive access to the next big trading platform. Try out TraderLocker Beta and have your say in guiding the future of this revolutionary platform*.

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TradeLocker is filled with innovative tools and features to give you everything you need to become a smarter trader.

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Powered by TradingView™
Gain access to TradingView's impressive charting technology.
Fast & Secure Transactions
In-App Trading
Trade your favorite assets directly from your Trader's Portal.
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Advanced Analysis Tools
Enjoy a range of indicators, both pre-built and customizable.
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Trade Across All Devices
Conveniently trade on the go, using your desktop or mobile device.

What is TradeLocker? 

The most modernized version of trading and charting you’ve seen, TradeLocker is a trading platform that provides traders with all the tools they need to make better, more informed decisions.

⭐ Advanced charting. Customize your charts with an extensive range of indicators

⭐ Trade Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Indices, and Commodities on a live or demo account

⭐ Deep market insights. Access real-time pricing and analysis tools for smarter decisions

⭐ Build profits in rapidly moving markets with one-click trading mode

Discover TradeLocker Beta

TradeLocker Trade Platform

TradeLocker Trading Platform

Superior Charting by TradingView

Vital Market’s integrated TradingView feature is designed to help traders stay ahead. From advanced charting and analytics to community features these revolutionary trading tools will help traders execute their trading strategy in the most efficient way.

⭐ Hundreds of pre-built and custom indicators

⭐ Wide range of intelligent drawing tools

⭐ Multi-timeframe analysis

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about TradeLocker? Check out our support page where we have broken down all your queries into easy-to-follow guides. Prefer the human touch? Contact us 24/7 our team are on hand to offer the support you need.

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Getting Started With TradeLocker

Are you ready to modernize your trading? In a few simple steps, you can take your trading to new levels.

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Verified Account
To create a TradeLocker account you must first have a fully verified Vital Markets' account.
Deposit Funds
Add funds to your your trading account and click "New Account" section.
Select TradeLocker
Now you're ready to open a Live TraderLocker Account, transfer funds & trade.
*Please note that whilst we are delighted to grant you early access to our new platform, please be sure you trade with care as you may stumble across some bugs. If you do find anything please report it to [email protected], this will help us in building the perfect platform. 


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