The Portfolio Section Explained

Modified on: July 12, 2023

Discover how to manage your trades like a professional with Vital Markets. Follow these easy steps:


>Once you have opened a trade, click on the Positions button located at the top of the screen.

>From there, you can view important details about your account, such as Margin, Equity, Profit & Loss, and any active trades you have.


>Below the Margin information, you will find several buttons that offer various functions, including:

> Open (shows open trades and their data)

> Pending (shows pending orders and their data)

Trades (displays all executed trades, including open, pending, and closed)

History (displays only closed trades)

>To view more information about an open trade, tap on the trade, and you’ll see several icons appear:

> The Copy Trade ID button (which allows you to copy the trade ID in case you need to raise a ticket to our Trade Support team)

 > The Edit Trade button (which enables you to edit your Stop Loss and Take Profit)

> The Partially Close Trade button (which allows you to partially close some lots on a trade without closing the full position, provided that more than 0.01 lots are being traded)

The Close Trade button (which enables you to fully close your trade)


>Keep in mind that when closing a trade, a pop-up box will typically appear to confirm the action. However, if you have one-click trading enabled, no confirmation messages will appear.

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