How Do I Withdraw Via Crypto?

Modified on: August 8, 2023

  • You can withdraw using Bitcoin (BTC), USDT (TRC20), and USDT (ERC20).
  • Always enter the exact address of the relevant cryptocurrency wallet.  
  • Make sure the correct network is chosen when providing the wallet address; an incorrect network usage may result in a loss of funds.
  • We target to process withdrawals within 1 business day. Once processed, funds will be credited to your Wallet within 1-3 hours depending on the relevant network’s traffic. 
Let’s go through the process:

 > Tap Withdrawals on your Vital Markets Dashboard and tap New Withdraw

> Select your preferred  Withdrawal Type. 

> Choose the Wallet you would like to withdraw the funds from. 

> Insert the Amount you wish to withdraw.

> Tap Request.

> Confirm your details by tapping Withdraw.

> You will be asked to insert the wallet Address of your Wallet Provider. Make sure to use the correct wallet and network!

> You are able to identify if the withdrawal has been requested correctly by checking its status. Simply tap on the three horizontal lines button, choose the Withdrawals tab, and use the bar at the bottom to scroll right. 

> If the status appears as WAITING INFO, this means that you have not entered your wallet address yet. Simply click/tap on the Add info button and you will be prompted to input your wallet Address.

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