How To Refer Someone

Modified on: July 12, 2023

Let’s go through the process:

> Once logged into your Vital Markets account’s Affiliates tab, you will be presented with your unique affiliate tracking link as seen in the screenshot below. 
> To refer clients, you simply need to ask them to sign up for Vital Markets using the link. Any activity will then be tracked automatically should the client have signed up via your tracking link correctly. 

Please Note: For referrals to show under your Affiliate account, the referral would need to create a Live Trading Account.

Where can I see my referrals?

> To check how many referrals you have managed to sign up under your Vital Markets Affiliate account, please click/tap on the Affiliates tab.

> Then click/tap on the Referrals tab. All your referrals who have created a Live Trading account will be listed there.

Why Are My Referrals Not Showing On My Affiliate Dashboard?

Due to one of the following reasons, your referral may not be showing on your account:

The referral has not yet created their Live Trading account.

The referral has used an alternative referral link.

The referral signed up for an account directly on Vital Markets.

The referral may not have completed the sign-up process in full.

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