All About Affiliate Commission

Modified on: July 13, 2023

How Much Will You Earn?

Tier 1:

> From every referral you send our way as an Affiliate, we’ll pay you $3 per traded lot.

Tier 2:

> And that’s not all! For referrals from the second tier, you will receive $1!


If you refer Elon by sending him your Affiliate link, you get $3 for each lot he trades. Then, if Elon refers Jeff, you get $1, and Elon gets $3 for each lot traded by Jeff.


How to Withdraw Your Affiliate Commission

As an Affiliate, you will be paid every Friday for the commission of $100 or more generated on your Affiliate Dashboard. If you have not met the $100 threshold for an Affiliate commission payment in one week, then it will accumulate until the $100 threshold has been met and the payment is processed.

After that, you can withdraw money by following the guide below:

> How do I withdraw via Bitcoin? – Click/tap here.

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