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General Queries

All your top frequently asked questions around creating demo & live accounts, finding important information, leverage, trading restrictions etc.

General Queries 36

Are MAM Accounts Available?
Currently, we do not offer MAM accounts. We will be looking to implementing them in the near future. Please get back to us at a later stage. 
How to Extract my Trade History Report for 1099?
We are not licensed to assist you in completing any tax forms. This method is only available via Desktop Computer.  Let’s go through the process: > Click the 3 horizontal lines on the top right of your Vital Markets Dashboard. > Select Accounts. > Click the Account View that you wish to extract the data from. > Scroll down and...
What is Leverage?
Leverage is the ability to control a bigger portion of the market with a smaller expense. Example: If you set Leverage for 1:500, this means that for every 1$ worth of units, we will multiply it by 500. Our Support Team cannot suggest or advise what Leverage is the most appropriate for the client, it’s...
Is Hedging, Scalping And News Trading Allowed?
You are able to scalp, hedge and trade normally during news events. 
Do We Offer Islamic Accounts?
Currently, we do not have this account type available on our platform. We will be adding them in the near future.  Kindly get back to us at a later stage for updates regarding this account type.
Why Am I Unable to Open A Trade?
If you are unable to open a trade, ensure that you have logged in with your Trader Password and not your Investor Password. Your Trader Password was sent to you when creating your Live Account.
How do I Transfer My Funds Between Wallets?
Let’s go through the process: > On your account’s dashboard, you will find a tab called Transfer Money. This is one way of transferring your funds. However, there are multiple tabs found on your account that may be used to initiate your transfer.     > On this window, you may select your Transfer Type which would...
What Leverage Do We Offer?
Vital markets provide a vast range of leverage options starting from 1:20 to 1:500 for different trading instruments. The leverage for certain instruments may differ. You may check the desired instrument’s leverage by clicking here.
How do I Reset My Live Account Password On Vital Markets?
Let’s go through the process: > Tap the 3 horizontal lines on your Vital Markets Dashboard.  > Select Accounts.  > Tap View on the Account you wish to change the password to.  > Tap Change Password. > You would need to tap Change Password again on the pop-up window. >You will receive an e-mail instantly with your new password.  
Leverage We Provide for Different Trading Instruments
Leverage options are not “fixed” and due to the unpredictable events in the market, these may be subject to change. > Stocks: 1:20     > Cryptos: 1:100   > Metals: 1:200    > Indices: 1:200     > Energies: 1:200           > Forex:  1:50 – 1:500 Leverage options for accounts with an equity of more than 500K:  ...